Facebook Lawyer Marketing 101: Facebook Business Manager – Part One

This post covers:

  • Personal story of how I lost my first Social Media for Law Firms Business Page.
  • Reasons in favour of using Facebook Business Manager to manage your Facebook Business Page.
  • How to create a Facebook Business Manager and transfer your current Facebook Business Account and ads account to your new Facebook Business Manager. You’ll also learn how to create these from scratch if needed.

Are you using Facebook Business Manager (FBM) to manage your law firm’s Facebook Business Page (FBP)? It’s a free tool by Facebook that protects your Facebook business assets.

Your FBP is a valuable business asset. It’s similar to your client list, referral network and it’s also your content library.

How I Lost my Facebook Page with 4,000 Fans

My first “Social Media for Law Firms” FBP has just under 4,000 fans, organically grown, “fans”. The majority of the fans were lawyers (my target audience & ideal client), and there was tons of non-paid engagement on every post.

I used my personal Facebook account (PFA) to set up my FBP. I lost access to my FPA which led to me losing ownership of my FBP. There’s nothing I can do about it (I have contacted Facebook numerous times).

The moral of the story is to always use FBM to manage your page(s). Or, if you’d prefer to avoid it, for now, have more than one page administrator on your FBP.

If you’ve lost access to your FBP, check out Social Media Examiner’s article on how to recover your account.

Facebook Business Manager Perks

  1. You don’t need a PFA to manage your FBP. It’s also against FB policy to create a fake PFA to manage your page. This was common practice before FBM was introduced.
  2. You’ll have VIP status with Facebook Support. Each interaction with Facebook Support will start with “Are you using FBM?”. If you aren’t using it, you won’t get in-depth support.
  3. The sooner you create an FBM account to manage your FBP, the easier it is.
  4. You’ll have an increased level of security, which is important if you have high staff turnover. Having all of your FBP assets in FBM protects your business asset. You can turn on two-factor authorization as well.
  5. FBM is free and gives you access to enterprise tools such as the Facebook Analytics tool.

How To Set Up Facebook Business Manager

  1. Click here to set up your account. Click the blue “Create Account” button.
  2. Log in to your PFA.
  3. Next, you’ll be asked for your firm’s official name and business email.
  4. The next page will be your FBM Dashboard, and you’ll be prompted to take over your FBP and ad account if you already have them. If you haven’t created them, you’ll be able to create your FBP and account from inside the FBM.
  5. Create your Ad account and fill out the required info. You’ll select your page administrators in this step and assign their roles.
  6. Next, you’ll add a form of payment that is required if you plan to advertise on Facebook.
  7. Now it’s time to create your FBP. Go back to the Setup Guide Section and click “Create Page”.

This is a great video on how to create FBM by Social Media Examiner for all visual learners

Stay Tuned for Facebook Lawyer Marketing 101: Facebook Business Manager – Part Two

Part Two Covers

  • A primer on Facebook advertisements.
  • How to set up the Facebook pixel. This is a very useful tool if you plan to advertise on Facebook.
  • How to create a Product Catalogue