Why Facebook Pages Loose Fans – Must Read

One of my biggest social media questions is how to get more engagement via Facebook pages. Facebook pages are public profiles designed for businesses, actors, basically any public figure. They allow these entities to interact with their “fans”, Facebook users that “like” their page. 
A Facebook fan has been valued at $136.38. There are many guesses as to their true worth but nevertheless it’s important to hang on to those fans once you get them!

Why Do Fans Unlike Facebook Pages?

Social Media Today published an important chart containing the reasons why people unlike pages on Facebook. They included:

  • The company posts too frequently
  • Newsfeeds becoming too crowded with marketing material
  • The content becomes repetitive or boring over time
  • I only liked the page to take part in their “one-time” offer
  • Their posts were too promotional
  • Spamming users

It is critical that you listen to the above points. I unliked a page today due to the second point above. It’s a fine balance of providing relevant content to your social network in a way that doesn’t come off as spam.  

It’s about providing information your fans will find thought-provoking, useful, and interesting. It would be nice to evoke conversation as well.  

Law Firms Should Educate their Facebook Fans to Increase Engagement

Law firms who utilize Facebook for business have it a bit tougher than huge consumer-driven businesses such as Starbucks, Coca Cola, etc.  They can’t hold contests or offer online products in the same way they can. I think the goal should be to place your firm’s name into your social network’s minds should the need arise for your services.  Posts should educate your fans as to what you do and how you might help. 

How about you? Do you have any other suggestions on how to lose Facebook Fans?