Here’s Why People Aren’t Seeing Your Law Firm’s Facebook Posts

Are your law firm’s Facebook posts getting zero engagement? Are your competitor’s Pages showing up higher in the News Feed?

According to Facebook, they follow four steps to determine where your posts show up in the News Feed:

Step One: Inventory

  • Facebook takes inventory of all the posts liked by your friends and all the posts you’ve liked including Pages, Stories, Videos, etc.
  • This first step largely determines you you see in your News Feed. It’s very important your law firm’s posts are engaged with.

Step 2: Signals

Next, Facebook gets Signal data by asking the following questions:

  • Who posted the content?
  • What time was it posted?
  • Where was the user when they posted the update?
  • What was the internet speed?

Step 3: Predictions

  • Facebook analyzes Inventory and Signal to predict which posts you’ll engage with.
  • They have become frighteningly good when it comes to predictions. Check out how much Facebook knows about you in this post by Social Media Today.

Step 4: Score

  • Lastly, Facebook scores your post, ranks it against other similar posts, and decides where it will appear in the News Feed.
  • Consider all these elements when you interact with content on Facebook. You’ll start to see more content you like. I watched an hour of puppy videos the other night – I’m sappy, I know.

This process ranks the status updates each user sees in the order that they’re likely to enjoy them, based on a variety of factors according to Hootsuite.

Facebook follows these four steps for every single post you see in your News Feed. The algorithm is tweaked each time you engage with content.

10 Tips to Ensure Your Law Firm Facebook Posts are Seen

  1. Know your audience and post content that they’ll share, like, and comment on.
  2. Post news stories in a timely manner (ahead of the competition). Set up RSS feeds and Google Alerts to follow the news. This process is called Newsjacking and it’s one of the main reasons my blog ranked first on Google. I was always the first to break an important, relevant story via social media.
  3. Make sure your content is mobile-friendly.
  4. Never post articles with misleading titles (clickbait).
  5. Consider intellectual property rights.
  6. Follow community standards and avoid posts with adult content, hate speech, and/or bullying of any kind.
  7. Video posts should be at least three minutes and unique.
  8. End your status update with a question to encourage comments and discussion. Ask them to share your posts with their network.
  9. Analyze your posts using Facebook’s Insights feature. You’ll see which posts were the most popular and adjust your content strategy accordingly.
  10. Lastly, and most importantly, invest in Facebook Ads. I won’t go into detail but their targeting capabilities are amazing. Test out budgets and Facebook Ad types. I’ve been utilizing their Ads in the last few weeks and the results were the best I’ve seen to date.


Creating an engaging Facebook post is a lot harder than it looks. Lots of my friends think my job as a social media consultant is fun and games – that couldn’t be further than the truth. Luckily, Facebook gives us clear instructions on how to appear in the News Feed. This will lead to more engagement, and more potential clients!