Free Download: How to Make Professional Images for Social Media

Take a look at all of your social media accounts and ask yourself:

  • Are the cover photos consistent across Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and my other networks?
  • Is the profile picture consistent as well? You should be using a high resolution logo for all your firm’s accounts.
  • Take a look at your social posts. Do they have a consistent look when it comes to colour, font and style?

Morrison & Foerster is doing a terrific job across the branding board. Their social posts rotate different styles. They use the same cover photos, and just doing that small thing builds trust within your online community. It’s odd but true.

I hope this guide gives you some inspiration. Like always, feel free to comment below if you have any questions. Click download and it’s yours! You can take a peak at what’s inside in the below YouTube video as well.