Instagram Post Templates for Lawyers

Today’s post explains why you should utilize Instagram for legal business development. You’ll also learn how to create a set of branded Instagram templates that streamline your social media posting.

The Case for Instagram Marketing for Lawyers

According to rankings.io, just 25% of lawyers use Instagram for business development or marketing purposes. This is great news for #instalawyers because they’re establishing their presence ahead of the competition.

Interestingly, many of the 2020 Am Law Firms prefer Instagram over Facebook. Visuals are the best way to communicate your law firm’s brand and that’s why Instagram is great for legal marketing.

Additionally, many of your clients, referral sources, and potential clients prefer browsing their social networks via their smartphone. Your Instagram posts are more likely to be seen by your target audience. Remember, 5% of your Facebook fans see your posts unless you’re doing paid Facebook advertising (approximately).

How to Create Branded Instagram Templates

Depending on your skill level, there are a variety of ways to create your Instagram template kit.

My Instagram Template Set for Social Media for Law Firms

Instagram Template Guide for Beginners

  1. Sign up for Canva by clicking here. It’s a graphic design platform that offers thousands of social media post templates. It’s simple to use and utilizes a drag and drop interface.
  2. A paid subscription gives you access to thousands of stock photos, video templates, vector images, and everything you’ll need to create professional images. I highly recommend it. Try it free for 30 days by clicking here.
  3. Canva makes it easy to create your firm’s brand kit complete with logos, brand colours, fonts (you can even upload your own), and you can also share your account with your marketing team.
  4. You can set up different folders for different social media platforms, professionals, etc.
  5. After you create your social media graphic, you can download your image in any format or directly to your social media sites.

Instagram Template Guide for Advanced Users

  1. If you’ve been using Canva for years, and you’re ready for the next level, search for Photoshop Instagram templates online. I have a paid subscription with Envato Elements ($33 per month) and they have thousands of social media templates.
  2. Spend some time looking at all of the available templates but don’t get too overwhelmed. Stick with something simple, and remember that you can edit the template’s colours, fonts, and basically everything else.
  3. Each template set usually contains 25 – 100 templates. Open your first file in Photoshop and start customizing your design. If you already use Adobe for your firm’s branding, you can import your graphic design elements using Bridge.
  4. After you’ve customized your templates, you can either save them editable Photoshop templates, or you can upload them to Canva and save them as templates. This is my preferred method.


I hope I’ve inspired you to join Instagram (if you’re not on there already), and to create a set of branded Instagram post templates. It’s a simple way to maintain your professional reputation and maintain a branded, consistent presence across all networks.

If graphic design isn’t your thing, but you’re interested in having a template set for your firm, click here to arrange a 30-minute phone call with me. I help lawyers, law firms and legal professionals with all aspects of graphic design and social media. I look forward to hearing from you!

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