Being a Lawyer During Covid-19

Every aspect of your life has been affected by Covid-19. We didn’t have enough warning. I was part of the business continuity group at MBM Intellectual Property Law during SARS, but I never imagined something like this could actually happen. Personally, I fell ill last week and had the Covid-19 test last Friday. The test itself isn’t very comfortable but the negative results were well worth the pain.

I’ve spent most of the day getting up to speed on the current legal marketing industry in Canada and the United States. As you know, I’ve taken a break from consulting, so it’s imperative I do my due diligence regarding trends, competition, and best practices. The legal marketing consulting industry hasn’t changed much. I’m not happy with the number of pop-up windows asking me to subscribe to newsletters but I guess I’m old-school.

As a consultant, I’m not an expert in how lawyers should run their firm during a pandemic. As a social media consultant, I’m an expert at finding resources for lawyers. Here are some great articles on how lawyers should work and market during Covid-19:

Covid-19 Reading for Lawyers

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How are you managing the crisis? How has your website traffic ben affected? According to Legal Futures, website traffic is down 30% for most law firms.


Personally, quarantine helped me reevaluate my personal and business goals. Focusing full-time on social media for law firms won out in the end.