The Best Online Forum for Lawyers

Unlike most social networks, Reddit is an enormous set of forums. According to Digital Trends, it’s the 6th most popular website in the United States. Reddit is made up of millions of ‘subreddits’, forums dedicated to every topic you can think of. If you’re new to Reddit, I suggest taking a look at the homepage to familiarize yourself with the format. Check out this Tom’s Guide article for a detailed explanation of the ins and outs of Reddit.

Here are three lawyer-specific sub-reddits for you to check out:

Each subreddit has it’s own set of rules and guidelines created by the subreddit owner(s). You’ll see all types of discussions going on, and marketing isn’t allowed. It’s an entirely different social media beast.

Reddit forums are full of honest, frank conversations about the practice of law. It makes LinkedIn look like child’s play.

Here’s a current screenshot lawyer-run subreddit conversations I found by searching Google:

lawyer related subreddit examples on Reddit.

How to Sign Up for Reddit

  1. Go to www.reddit.com
  2. Click “Join”
  3. You’ll be asked to fill out a profile – you can fill as little or as much as you wanted. Keep in mind, It’s NOT a place to market yourself.
  4. You can add you a profile picture, a banner, and a Twitter Link.

One of my favourite late-night activities is answering questions in the various social media subreddits. Developers share new tools and they’re fun to test out. It’s a true-blu community of people helping each other. People that self promote get kicked out right away. I made that mistake once!

Reddit is not a social platform for self-promotion. Do not post links to your own content. You can learn from your colleagues about a variety of topics.

Next Steps

  • Sign up for Reddit
  • Join the above law communities
  • Feel free to join my Legal Social Media community (no spam) by clicking here. There are straight-up no BS social media marketers on there as well.
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