Where is the Facebook Business Page News Feed?

The Facebook Business Page News Feed went MIA on me this morning. It’s one of my favorite features because you get to interact with other business pages as your business page. I’ve made some great contacts over the years. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

Facebook updates the News Feed for business pages.

I headed over to the social media subreddit to find out what was going on. Within moments, I found the solution (and it’s an easy fix).

It’s /news_feed instead of /pages_news_feed now. For example, to visit my page’s News Feed, I visit https://www.facebook.com/legalsocialmediatoday/news-feed. Easy as pie!

Facebook’s Updated News Feed for Business Pages

The Cliff Notes Version

  • The updated URL to visit your business page’s News Feed is your Facebook Business Page URL/news-feed
  • Your business page News Feed will appear on one screen similar to your profile picture
  • I suggest you “Like” some of the suggested Pages at the end of Facebook’s Update message. You should also like local businesses, competitors and news sources relevant to your practice area. Local businesses are great for referrals.
  • Read your business page’s News Feed for 15 minutes every morning. Write meaningful comments and “Like” content as you naturally would on your personal profile.
  • Always keep in mind that you’re liking, commenting and communicating as your law firm so stick to your firm’s messaging style.


Facebook updated the News Feed for Facebook Business Pages. This is a great move for fostering relationships, socializing with local businesses, and making contacts. Even though this isn’t breaking news, I hope I’ve inspired you to browse your business page’s News Feed more often.